Gaurav's Surprise Birthday Party

Gaurav's Surprise Birthday Party

Gaurav's Surprise Birthday Party

It was late afternoon on Monday 2nd May, my laptop popped up and reminded me tomorrow is Gaurav’s Birthday! And that’s how it started!

We (Nishant, Palak and Gaurav’s team mate) started plotting the plan. I called Nishant and stated how we can surprise Gaurav’ on his birthday. I called Palak (Gaurav’s life partner) and talked about our plan. She didn’t believe at first and as I hadn’t met her before. She knew my name through Gaurav’s talking only. Thanks to TrueCaller, that helped to convince her and she was in!

I believe this was the first time, where she didn’t wish him on his birthday at the first tick of the clock on 3rd May and understand how hard it would have been for her. Big thanks to her to make it grand surprise.

And this is how our day started! Gaurav knew his wife would come home early and had already planned to take early off from the work and spend the rest of the day with his wife. But this what we didn’t want to happen. We know, we’re giving very hard time to Palak and this was big responsibility of her to make Gaurav waiting office till 7:00PM.

I left the home around 2:00 o’clock in the afternoon and was on my way to pick up Palak from her place in Ravet, Pune. As planned I reached there before time and left her place to our final destination.

Meanwhile, Ravi Sigicharla, our Managing Director was on duty to arrange venue for the event and the Cake. He booked Symphony Blue Lounge and make sure everything will be ready by the time we reach their.

Everything was in the plan so far! We started towards the venue on time and confirmed that everyone will reach there on time. Probably it was time to create more suspense and anxiety for Gaurav. I and Palak knew Gaurav’s plan and making him waiting for more than 3-4 hours would be more frustrating for him. We stuck in traffic and we were 45 minutes late. Sorry Gaurav that was not planned. ;)

I was supposed to collect the cake from Ravi, but looking at the time, we requested him to bring it to the place directly. Thanks Ravi for managing it on very short notice again!

While we’re on the way, Gaurav was calling her every moment to know whereabouts and thanks to Palak for her quick answers to Gaurav questions. :)

Then there comes the final moment! As per plan, Palak called Gaurav and asked him to meet at Symphony. While she was waiting to receive Gaurav, I just checked the arrangements. Ravi called me that he is outside the venue and asked me to collect the cake from him. As I started walking to collect the cake, I heard loud calling ‘Arrey Sachin’ and it was Gaurav. Palak was afraid that Gaurav will know our plan. I just said hi to him and left quickly.

Palak took him to the place and believe me he was surprised and stunned for some time knowing the surprise. Happy birthday Gaurav! We wish you many such surprises years coming.

Special thanks to Palak, it couldn’t be a grand surprise without you! Thanks Nishant for flawless planning. Thanks Ravi for managing everything on a very short notice. Special thanks to Ashish, Aziz, Garima, Gauri, Kaustubh, Mayur, Nikhil, Pravin, Rahul, Shobhana for maintaining the suspense.

Once, again wish you many such surprises in years coming!

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