Wedding Planners and Decorator in Pune

Wedding Planners and Decorator in Pune

Wedding planners are here to ease wedding stress

The most happening season that we call it a wedding season is said to be filled with exciting and fun filled activities. This requires responsible planning and handling. Hence, vieCanvas is here to offer handful of services appropriate for all the momentous events in life including marriage. Wedding planners are also known as coordinators or event managers, they are here to help by organizing the memorable day in a systematic manner. However, what they actually do can vary greatly from situation to situation.

They provide a complete Wedding Stage Solution for Wedding Events due to which, vieCanvas is also referred as the number one Wedding Decorator and Wedding Planner in Pune. They keep a track of clients’ requirements whereby, they offer various wedding event services right from pre-marriage to the post marriage ceremony. They also offer Wedding Decoration services to their clients.

It is witnessed too often that, brides mostly rely on family and friends to help them to carry out their plans on the day of their wedding. By asking a friend or family member to take up this stressful task, he/she will not be able to enjoy the event as a guest, and will end up feeling like “event staff”. But experienced Wedding Planners in Pune have the maximum no. of contacts in the business, hence they are capable enough to find a reception venue with the perfect view, or a caterer who will work with a small budget. They may also be able to pull in favours to get discounts or freebies.

Wedding Planners

A Wedding Planner could just be the best thing you could spend money on, since it takes a lot of precious time and hard work to arrange a wedding perfectly. A Wedding Planner has the capability to arrange a marriage ceremony in a better way than a normally arranged one. A Wedding Planner is said to be a financial adviser or an accountant who specialises in event management as they have full-fledged knowledge related to costing, estimation, roughly what percentage of budget will be spent in each area, whether and when payments will need to be made in order to secure services. That is why, vieCanvas takes the centre stage as the number one Wedding Planner in Pune.

Wedding Decorators

Wedding Decorators are the ones who hold in-depth knowledge in rendering a spectrum of stage decoration services. They are expected to be thoroughly professional and are instrumental in providing stage decoration for marriage occasions. They are also experts in making correct usage of flower decoration where any combination is concerned. The professionals of vieCanvas are masters in providing well planned designs with the complete set up, added with a magical feeling to the clients as per their choice & preference. The selected designs and wide range of colourful flowers, further depicts the intensity and happiness of the event.

vieCanvas is a well-known Wedding Decorator in Pune, as they have a sense of both traditional as well as modern way of decorating the mandap. vieCanvas are equipped to beautifully craft the stage with artistic mind-set, as they maintain highest standard to match the elegance of the Wedding day. They also provide all the back-drops to the stage.

The wedding industry is constantly changing & growing, where more and more people are realizing that there is a niche market for lower-budget marriages which need coordination and help. Therefore vieCanvas is the reply to all modern time weddings, where a decorator and a planner plays a vital role.


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