Birthdays and Anniversaries

Birthdays and Anniversaries

Celebration is a part of everyone’s life and birthday takes the first place. Every human being irrespective of their age group feels excited about their birthday. We not only enjoy our own birthdays, but also love to celebrate our dear ones’ as well, as it brings a smile to their faces. Hence, vieCanvas has emerged to play its own role to bring some happiness in all your efforts to celebrate life’s best events.

vie offers various birthday services based on the age group:

  • Birthday Invitations
  • Venues & Locations
  • Theme based decorations
  • Cakes & Bouquets
  • Catering services
  • Kiddies Day
  • Return Gifts
  • DJ/Live Music
  • Event Coordinator
  • Video & Photography

Special Birthdays

vieCanvas eases your efforts in planning and celebrating birthday in a special way. vieCanvas’ services can be used to plan the special events for yourself or your loved ones like the First birthdays, Sixteenth birthdays for girls, Eighteenth birthdays, Twenty first birthdays for boys, Sixtieth birthdays, etc.

First Birthday
Kids Birthday Theme
Birthday Themes
100th Anniversary


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